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Mr. Dinesh Doshi founded Ansa Real Estate Consultants Pvt. Ltd. in 1998. Mr. Doshi epitomizes, a spirit that follows the path of TRUTH and hardwork always seeks the victory in Life. In his early days, Mr. Doshi always new ,he had the leader spirit in him. Having graduated from elite university “ VJTI” Mumbai, with the Bachelor  in Textile Engineering, Mr. Doshi started his own textile business. Being a flourishingentrepreneur, Mr. Doshi excelled in his pursuit.

However, destiny had something great withhold for him. Accidently Mr. Doshi entered in to the Real Estate Industry in 1991. Being the entry-level real estate broker, Mr. Doshi learnt vastly from his initial days experience in the industry. Some of his golden lessons learnt were Professionalism, Honesty, Loyal are the core to be a successful broker.

From being the freelance agent (without legal office) who takes on any project, Mr. Doshi underwent a transition phase to establish his exceptional respectable Position as an elite agent. This was the historic day for him as M.D.of Ansa Real Estate Consultants Pvt.Ltd. came to live and till date the company embraces his values of Professionalism, transparent  services,   ethically,Honestly and with integrity.These practices are fundamental to who we are and instrumental to our success.

We Pledge:The success of our business is one of the reasons we place so much emphasis on "Clear and Marketable Title" only and hence protecting and enhancing value and the interest for our clients with absolutely NO RISK.

Stonger Together:Our goal is to be recognised as the most real, reliable and responsible REAL ESTATE AGENTS in the world-in the way we do business , services we offer to attract and retain clients and the reletionships we foster and differentiate ourselves as a corporate leader in Real Estate by keeping our client 'happier' and more 'satisfied' by doing what's right for our clients.


Making Life better:





1.     Do not compare Orange with Apple.

2.     Greed invites self killing.


4.       DO NOT BORROW, you will regret it. In an overinflated market.

5.       .         Keep detail study about TOTAL BUYING COST.

6.     PAY correct “Market Value”

7.     Do not GO BEHIND the brand name and fame of the sellers.

8.     Appoint REPUTED professional brokers to safe-guard your hard earned money.

9. Play Safe.a Seller knows about where to "settle", there fore it is harmful by negotiation and show our smartness.

Arrogance, ego and overconfidence are very lethal.

10. please confirm the amount of brokerage payable to the broker at your early stage.

Remember “ ANSA REAL” a professional real estate AGENTS, whose HONEST efforts with responsibility assures you the value for money and who accepts challenging jobs giving you perfect COMFORTS and SAFETY during the process of outright sale/ purchase/ lease/ shifting of your valued real estate properties / premises by keeping your INTEREST on top. 


Call +91 9821666955 for further information about marketing your premises,or to find out how much your property is worth


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